Originating in Central America, Closing the Bones is a way to support a woman's recovery after childbirth; a way to celebrate the amazing abilities of her body and create a moment of stillness in the whirlwind of new motherhood. It is a postnatal ritual massage with warming, nurturing use of rebozo shawls.


Voucher includes;


~ Sacred space set up specifically to celebrate you and your journey

~ Opportunity to share your birth story openly and honestly, without focus on the medical, but on your feelings both positive and negative

~ Tension release head massage

~ Abdominal, Sacral & Womb Massage

~ Heart Opening

~ Closing the Bones rebozo wrapping

~ Foot Massage

~ Guided visualisation & meditation

~ Rite of the Womb Blessing

Closing the Bones Ceremony Voucher


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