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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of massage?

Massage is more than just a luxury. It is a key ingredient to a healthy body and happy mind. Massage gently stretches and tones to relieve tired aching muscles and weary bones. But more than that, it stimulates circulation, boosts immunity and increases cell regeneration allowing the body to re balance and repair itself. As well as removing toxins and promoting the body’s natural healing processes by encouraging blood and lymph flow around the body, massage also balances the nervous system, calming the mind and improving brain function. Regular massage can greatly improve general health and a great number of ailments including;


- Digestive Disorders

- High Blood Pressure

- Stress and anxiety

- Sleep problems

- Muscle fatigue

- Brain function

- Concentration and creativity


As the body relaxes, the breath slows and the mind quietens, we are able to let go of the pressures of every day life and our natural balance can be restored.

Does Massage hurt?

The pressure used during your massage is completely up to you and should not cause you pain or discomfort. Some people prefer firmer pressure during their treatment and like to feel the massage working deeply into the muscles and fascia. Others like gentle pressure and relaxing strokes. You can decide what you prefer and if this is your first massage, we can start gently and progress to firmer pressure if you feel it would be of benefit.

But what about deep tissue massage?


For deep tissue work, I do not believe in the "no pain, no gain" maxim. The treatment is progressive and although may feel slightly uncomfortable at points, it should not cause you pain and should ease off any tension or discomfort you are currently experiencing. As your therapist, I will always work within your comfort level and will check in with you you often to ensure you are still comfortable.

Are there any reasons I should not receive a massage?

There are very few conditions that are completely unsafe for massage, however some health conditions may require adjustments to treatment. Please feel free to talk to me about any concerns regarding your health, prior to booking. or during the consultation process

Total contraindications to massage, preventing treatment entirely are;


1. Contagious or infectious illness ie) fever, vomiting or diarrhea,  as these can be easily transferred during the massage process. Please cancel your appointment if you have had any symptoms of a stomach bug in the last 48 hours.

2. If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, massage can cause vomiting, dizziness and increase your feeling of inebriation by moving the toxins around the blood stream. It is not advised to drink alcohol 12 hours prior to, or within 12 hours post treatment.


Please be aware that if you do come to your appointment with any of the above conditions, I will be unable to treat you.

Do you treat men?​

The majority of my experience and training is in treating the specific needs of women and their bodies however, I do treat men and am happy to take on new male clients by refferal from existing clients. 

If you have any questions at all, please contact me and I will be happy to help. If I am unable to book you in myself, I will be able to refer you to other great local therapists in Hove, based on your specific needs.

What hours are you open?​

I am currently building up my working hours after maternity leave. Available appointment hours are as follows;

Mon - 9am - 5pm

Weds - 9am - 5pm

Saturday - 9am - 5pm

I do occasionally work on Sundays - please contact me with enquiries.

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